Sunday, August 28, 2011

1981 Knucklehead Fever...oldies from mild to wild

Cover: Custom craftsmen Ed Breedlove and Bob Alford thumbed their noses at convention and built a matching pair of knuckleheads; Feature Bikes: Knucklefever - pair of finely crafted knucks; High-Intensity Harley - Larry Brancaccio's disc-wheeled wonder; Wings forever; Introduction: The Knuck - some background on Harley's most desired engine; Jimmy Rait's timeless knucklehead sidecar; The Whatchamacallit-Head - is it a knuck or isn't it?; High-Country Low Rider; Bizarre Beezer; Goldrush; Special Interest: Something's Burning - a new art for custom bikers?; The way they do it in Texas; The Dazzling Dellorto; Showcase: Rory Pentecost - one of custom painting's rising stars; Technical: The Shovester - and oh how it shoves!; more

1981 July/August Custom Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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