Monday, August 22, 2011

1976 Hodaka 250 Trail Bike Photo & Specs

The Hodaka 250 can be summed up in one word - excitement. It not only has plenty of power, it has the right kind of power. Good low end, a super wide power band and an absolutely mind-blowing top end. As one rider aptly phrased it, "It's kind of like having a rheostat connected to your eyelids. The more you twist the throttle, the wider your eyes get!" Handling is every bit as impressive. With long travel suspension and front forks that feature over 7 1/4 inches of travel, the Hodaka 250 inspires supreme confidenc in all types of terrain. In fact, we think the Hodaka 250 is the finest 250 you can any price. Consider performance, handling and features and we think you'll have to agree - it's a winner!

1976 Hodaka 250 Trail Bike photo & specs Dealer Sheet available at

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