Sunday, October 31, 2010

1969 Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 - A Big New Heart

Simplified and lightened but with even more power - that's the Stage II Interceptor engine and this exciting new power unit just bristles with exclusive features...Compare, then you'll choose Royal Enfield.

1969 Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 - A Big New Heart Ad available at

1969 Suzuki TC-120 Cat Motorcycle

12 scrappy hp at a purring 8000 rpms. Up 40' hills without breathing hard. Any trail you want to blaze, the Cat'll take you there. Cat has the unique Posi-Select transmission. 3 gears for the street. Then, just tap a lever and you've got 3 new gears for the trail...


1969 Suzuki TC-120 Cat Motorcycle Ad available at

1969 Why do BMW motorcycles carry an airplane insignia?

Because the BMW tradition goes back to 1916, when the Bavarian Motor Works was founded to build aircraft engines. This is the reason our famed white and blue insignia depicts whirling propeller blades. In fact, Manfred von Richthofen, the legendary Red Baron, flew a Fokker triplane powered by BMW. Since that time, we have built all our products - motorcycles, cars, marine and aircraft engines - to one standard, and one only. The best that can be built anywhere in the world. Which is why the finest motorcycle you can buy is all motorcycle except for one small detail. As for the rest, a BMW gives you quality you'll find hard to believe. For example, so precisely engineered and constructed is this machine that it vibrates less than any other motorcycle built. And that's why BMW is the one motorcycle that you can ride for hours on end without feeling fatigued. Want proof? Drop in on your dealer. When your right hand opens the gate on a BMW, you may think you're flying, at that.

1969 Why do BMW motorcycles carry an airplane insignia? Ad available at

1969 Garelli KL-150 Gladiator - beauty is only skin deep

If lots of chrome and kicky colors are all that turn you on, there are flashier looking bikes than Garelli. But if you know it's not how a bike looks, but how it's put together, Garelli's quiet quality, deep durability and superb craftsmanship will keep you turned on long after lesser bikes turn you off.

1969 Garelli KL-150 Gladiator - beauty is only skin deep Ad available at

1969 Indian Boy Racer $325

Here's a vintage motorcycle ad from 1969 showing the Indian Boy Racer for $325.

Beautifully finished in blue and white, with excellent workmanship, this 50cc 3-speed newest Indian is designed for youngsters from 6 to 16 years of age. Just the bike for kids to practice and compete on. 50 mph, weighs only 99 lbs., number plates included...

Also pictured is the Indian Papoose for $345. Also listed are: Indian 500 Roadster, $1450, with Thruxton 117mph engine, $1550; Indian Ponybike, $295; Clymer Minarelli Minibike Engines, $110; Clymer-Tartarini Telescopic Forks; Clymer-Munch Mammoth, $3400, German price at factory, $3200

1969 Indian Boy Racer $325 Ad available at

1969 Beck motorcycle mufflers, exhaust systems and megaphones - Want to hot it up?

Want to hot it up? Beck It. Gleaming chrome-finished mufflers, exhaust systems and megaphones...all designed to "hot up" your cycle in the coolest way.

Beck Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Beck/Arnley Corp.

1969 Beck motorcycle mufflers & exhaust systems Ad available at

Saturday, October 30, 2010

1969 Bultaco El Montadero Motorcycle specifications

Reliability...without a doubt! Imagine a 24 hour enduro in Casper, Wyoming...Date February 1st and 2nd, Light snow, temperature 10', Winner Open Class, "El Montadero"...the riders Larry Rush, Don Collins. It must have been just as tough for them as it was for the machines. Our well deserved compliments to them.

1969 Bultaco El Montadero Motorcycle specifications Ad available at

1969 Vintage Motorcycle Tires's Avon...for a swinging tire

Motorcycle tires in color? Not really! But Avon does have 51 sizes and 11 patterns to choose from. And no matter how you color them they make your riding fun and safe. You can tire up with perfectly paired Speedmaster and Safety Mileage for on the highway riding...Trials Supreme and Gripster for off. And Avon's studded Grand Prix rear tread design has been running away from the competition for years! Now, we even have a slick for dragging. For the best selection...and performance, it has to be basic black! See them at your motorcycle dealer.

1969 Avon Motorcycle Tires...for a swinging tire Ad available at

1970 Norton 750cc Commando S Road Test

Cover: Norton 750cc Commando S

Contents: Road Tests: Norton 750cc Commando S, Rokon 134 cc Trail-Breaker; Special Reports: Husqvarna 500 cc Moto-Cross Twin; The 750cc, 57hp, BMW R75/5; Features: Sand Racing in Britain; 14th High Sierra Tour; 2-Day Cycle Circus at Laconia; The Indianapolis National; How to find T-D-C (Top Dead Center) "PDQ"; July - the roughest month; more

1970 February Cycle Illustrated Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Norton available at

1975 Can-Am 175 T'NT Dirt Bike Test - the quickest woods bike we ever tested!

Cover: Can-Am 175 T'NT

Contents: Dirt Bike Tests: Maico 250 Enduro, Can-Am 175 TNT, Yamaha 125 MX; Features: The latest from abroad; Trials anyone?; Steeplechase; Elimination day; 125 MX Championship; Moto-Bike Madness - Pedal-power bicycle motocross for the speedsters of tomorrow; more

1975 January Cycle Illustrated Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Can-Am available at

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