Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1972 Bultaco Sherpa T 350 & 250 motorcycle Brochure

To those that at some time or other have owned a Sherpa T it will be sufficient to say that all the features of its noble ancstry are reproduced in this year's version...and then some! Those that do not had better ask someone that owns one...we cannot describe in this limited space the features of this excellent trial machine. The weight distribution, the perfect balance, superb suspension, and an engine that will respond to the throttle right from the depths of the r.p.m. range, where most other engines would stall. Above all with the intelligent use of dural throughout the motorcycle we have one of the lightest trial motorcycle on the market. You have two versions to choose from a 250 and a 350...take your pick!

Original, vintage Bultaco Sherpa T Brochure is printed in Spain with both Spanish and English descriptions and specifications y caracteristicas.

1972 Bultaco Sherpa T 350 & 250 motorcycle Brochure/Poster 4-Pages available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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