Sunday, August 28, 2011

1981 Custom Bike Special Panhead Edition - Mark Tallia / Crimson Pan & more

Cover: top: Mark Tallia / Crimson Pan; bottom: Der Pfannen Kopf / John Powelson; The Panhead: Introductin; Feature Bikes: Der Pfannen Kopf; Very Personal Pan; Riv's Rainbow; Stunning Stocker; Latter-Day Classsic - going baroque with Gary Littlejohn; Creature of the catalog; Full-Dress Nostalgia; Lena's Kid; Crimpson Pan; The Prize; Blue Eagle; Special Interest: George Smith -a portrait in passing; Bonneville 1980; Sturgis in retrospect; Burn-out on Main St. - yes, McClure and Hill really did it; How our Harley behaved; You men there really is a Billy Budde?; more

1981 January/February Custom Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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