Monday, August 22, 2011

1968 Bultaco Motorcycle History Print Article with Photos

Practically born in a manger, by virtue of enthusiasm Bultaco has risen to be a guiding star in the world of moto-cross and scrambling. It's said that money spent on racing has caused the downfall of many motorcycle factories, and this may well be true. But the story of the Spanish Bultaco factory proves that exactly the opposite can also happen. For if there had never been any racing, the Bultaco concern would not exist and that famous "thumbs up" sign would not be known the world over. The saga of wat is now Spain's largest manufacteurer of motorcycles goes back almost exactly 10 years, to a day in May, 1958 when a board meeting of another well known Spanish maker of two-wheelers, Montesa, decided to abandon their racing program. This decision was a bitter blow to Francisco Bulto, a tall slim aristocrat of a man who was at that time a director of Montesa...

1968 Bultaco Motorcycle History Print Article 6-Pages available at

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