Monday, February 28, 2011

1980 Yamaha XJ650 Eurobike - laying hands on the untouchable and uncatchable European Yamaha

Contents: Tasting Forbidden Fruit: Yamaha XJ650 Eurobike - laying hands on the untouchable and uncatchable European Yamaha; Tests: Suzuki PE400, Honda CB750C; Riding Impression: Blake Turbo GS1100; Water Injection - Blake's magic elixir; Minitest: Kawasaki KLX250HP hopped up; Report from the Outback: Bushbikes; Sport Lines: Record-Busting Drags - Fremont frenzy; more

XJ-650 PE-400 CB750 CB-750 GS-1100 KLX250 KLX-250

1980 November Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Yamaha available at

1970 Cycle Mechanics Magazine - How to time the Triumph & BSA Twins

Contents: Kawasaki Mach III Tune-Up; Twice as Good - pumper carbs; Two-Stroke Theory; How to Strobe-Tune the Triumph and BSA; Hodaka Engine Strip; Front Suspension; Ossa Rebuild; The Mysterious Carburetor; Bultaco Overhaul; Make the hot one hotter - Colortune 2 kit; Mach III Top End Overhaul; The How and Why of Gearing; more

1970 November Cycle Mechanics Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1982 Dickson Design 125 water-cooled racing Yamaha 3-wheeler

Cover: Yamaha is coming on strong in both the racing and recreational aspects of three-wheeling. Up front is the Dickson Design & Development 125 water-cooled Yamaha while Yamaha's new Tri-Moto 175 relaxes waiting for a rider. That's pretty "Moe" handing Tracey Dickson his racing helmet.

Contents: Features: A Bit Much; 3D's Keg of Dynamite; How to replace your ATC Body; Profile: Mike Chester; Work of Art; Baja De Saddleback; Action; Pernod / Score Baja 1000; Our Mystery Link at the Thou; The Salsbury 810; Three-Wheelers in Alaska; Exhibit One; Profile: (Sorta); Squeeze for Power; more

1982 February 3-Wheeling All Terrain Vehicle ATV ATC Magazine Back-Issue available at

1975 Street Chopper - Frank Bongiorno "Sunrise"

Cover: Frank Bongiorno "Sunrise" and his job as an animal trainer

Contents: Features: Van Nuys Boulevard; Chopper Building Series; Stick-On Tire Lettering; Road Test - Kawasaki KZ400; Anaheim Show; Run to the Sun; Cycles: Lil' Devil; Jackson Four; Electric Goose; Sunrise; Lady; Hot Lick; Berdoo Machine; Sporty Streetster; The Bird; Technical: Heli-Coil for Spark Plug Threads; Some Early Harley Detailing; Internal Engine Protection; Gold Mine; more

1975 February Street Chopper Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1975 Harold Delany version of the Magnacycle, "Poison Ivy"

Contents: Road Test: Magnacycle; Cycle Mechanics course; Hartford Show; Ram Chaps; Mini Chopper; Technical: Burglar Alarms; 100% Synthetic Oil; Buzz Box; Mags for bikes; Durfee Frame; Cycles: Lucky Strike, Home Grown, Natural High, You've Gotta' Be Kidding, Poison Ivy, Scrooge, Bruce's Fatbob, Georgia Hog; more

1975 March Street Chopper Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Saturday, February 26, 2011

1967 Norton 750 Atlas Metisse - supertoy looking for a place to play

Cover: Norton Atlas Metisse -an enthusiast's dream if ever was one. Full road test on page 30.

Contents: Road Tests: Norton 650 Metisse, Maico 360 Scrambler; Competition: Peoria -the Notorious TT; 24-Hour Marathon Barcelona; Indy 110-Mile National; Technical: Supercharged Norton Atlas; Carburetion part 1; Historical: Brooklands - a bit of British Lore; more

1967 November Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Norton available at

1971 Lowdown Shovelhead - Chuck Smith modified-frame custom Chopper

Cover: Chuck Smith may be a common name but his chop certainly isn't a common bike. The '52 cradle frame has been cut down six inches, and extended another half-foot.

Contents: Feature Choppers: A Pair of Customs; A Stretched Trike; Lowdown Shovelhead; A Lucky Shovelhead; Tech Stuff: Chop Talk; Panhead parts prices; Re-carbing a Triumph; Bury your wiring in a coffin tank; Time your Shovel right; More miles from your peanut tank; Installing a swinging sissy bar; A buttpad for long runs; Profilin': Indian Love Call - San Pierce - last of the Indian Men; more

1971 September Choppers Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1972 The World's Fastest Street Machine - Paul Dunstall's mindbending Norton 810

Contents: Comparison test: Honda CB500 Four vs. Kawasaki H1 Mach III Three; Yamaha R-5; Special Features: Paul Dunstall Norton 810; Space Age Motorcycles; Eddie Crooks Suzuki 250 Roadracer; Holiday Buyer Guide; Harley-Davidson for 1972; Kawasaki in 1972 - 3 Threes; more

CB-500 R5

1972 February Motor Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Friday, February 25, 2011

1978 Yamaha XS750SE Special - Americanized by the Japanese and loved by the Yanks

Contents: Road tests: Yamaha XS750SE Special; Comparison - Five 175cc Enduro / ISDT Racers - Can-Am 175 Qualifier, Hercules GS175 ISDT, Suzuki PE175, SWM 175 ISDT, Yamaha IT175; Street Impression: Kawasaki meets the turbo - Z1-R; Competition: Proposed EPA Motorcycle Noise Standards; Features: The Mild One - Honda CM185 Twinstar; Visalia Antique Motorcycle Rally; Looking Backward - the Low Rider at Visalia; The Gypsy Life -putting together the European tour; The Group Tour - riding in a crowd; more

XS750-SE XS-750 GS-175 PE-175 IT-175 Z-1 Z1R CM-185

1978 August Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Yamaha available at

1978 Husqvarna 125 CR Road Test - Europe Strikes Back!

Contents: Road tests: Husqvarna 125 CR, BMW R80/7, Honda XL250S; Preview: BMW R65; Impression: Turbo BMW R100RS; Competition: Burn-outs at Beech Bend; Bad Day at Bowling Green; Features: Sidecar Circus; Safety - the next battleground; more

R80-7 R-80 XL250-S XL-250 R-65 R100-RS R-100

1978 October Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Husqvarna available at

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