Thursday, December 30, 2010

1971 Cycle Guide BSA Triple Motorcycle Project Completed

Cover: The BSA Triple Project is completed after 18 months of frustration. The VON SOL paint, mag wheels, disc brakes and goodies add up to a performance package.

Contents: Road Tests: Suzuki 125 Duster, Honda CB-350; Technical: Handling part VII; A Goldie but a Goodie - restoration of a classic; Sticky Tape; Bighorn Speed Kit; Features: Classic Greek Chopper; Carabela Factory Visit; Ariel yes - Square no; Lots of Agony - Conclusion of the BSA Project; Shrinking Inter-AM; more


1971 July Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1959 Triumph TR6 on the cover of Motorcycle Collector Magazine

Cover: Triumph was one of the most popular brands of the 1950's, '60's and '70's. Because of the great handling characteristics of the 650 twin, a high pipe model was introduced so riders could use their machines both on and off the road. Our cover bike is the TR-6 model built for that purpose.

Contents: 1959 Triumph TR6; Resource Spotlight - Mega Cycle Cams / Jim Dour; Collecting Old Motorcycle Brochures; Profile: Guy Webster - Italian Motorcycle Collector; This Old Bike - Excelsior Project Bike update; Friedman Collection - photos of Gran Prix road racing in Europe; Reader Restoration - Norton Commando; Story behind Honda decision to market 4-cyl CB750; more

TR-6 CB-750

1992 Sept./Oct. Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue - Triumph available at

1940 Indian Sport Scout Classic Motorcycle

Cover: Prior to World War II, the AMA Class "C" rules allowed 45 cubic inch motorcycles to race if they were originally street legal machines. The Indian Motorcycle Company of Springfield, Massachusetts developed first a Scout model to comply with the AMA rules. This model was followed by the highly successful Sport Scout. Our cover story features a 1940 Indian Sport Scout owned by MCM reader Marv Baker.

Contents: 1940 Indian Sport Scout; Technical - ignition timing; Resource Spotlight - Vintage Iron, Bub Enterprises and Mort Wood; Excelsior project bike update plus 2nd project bike 1948 Indian Chief; Guest Editorial - AMA President Ed Youngblood / collecting motorcycles; Friedman Collection - photos of 250cc machines at the 1968 Daytona 100-mile race; Collector Somer Hooker / Motorcycle Toy Collectibles / Memorabilia; more

1992 May/June Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue - Indian available at

1948 Norton International Model 30 Motorcycle

Cover: From 1948 to 1952, the 500cc Norton Manx was nearly unbeatable in the Daytona 200. Our first cover bike is a 1948 Norton International, the street version of the potent race machine.

Contents: 1948 Norton International Model 30; Profile: AMCA President Bob McClean; Photo History - 1973 Hang Ten Gran Prix Motocross Race; Resource Spotlight - Seatmakers Don Becker and Howard Heilman; Technical Tips - The Amal Monobloc Carburetor; This Old Bike - 1916 Excelsior basket case; more

1992 March/April Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue - Norton available at

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1913 Flying Merkel Racer

Cover: Surely one of the most fascinating periods of motorcycle history is the board track racing era. Huge crowds would turn out to see brave young men race their motorcycles around steeply banked, circular board tracks. They ran wide open with short, open exhaust pipes and oil flowing freely from the motors. Our 1913 Flying Merkel cover bike is one of the few machines that has survived from those years.

Contents: 1913 Flying Merkel Racer; Van Order Collection part IV - photos of a few of the men and machines of the "Roaring Twenties"; Resource Spotlight - Fair Spares; Friedman Files - photos of motocross machines early 1970's; Reader Restorations - Velocette Thruxton; Wheels of Time Museum; Collecting Motorcycle Trading Cards; Best of Vintage Mounts; more

1993 June Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue available at

1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk Vintage Motorcycle

Cover: Our cover bike this month is the machine that Honda used to gain its acceptance in the United States. Unlike the less stylish Dream, the Super Hawk was very sporty looking and ran real well to boot.

Contents: 1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk; Van Order Collection part 3 - photos of motorcycle races at the old one-mile Ascot circuit in Los Angeles in 1919; Friedman Files - Gary Nixon battle back to the winner's circle following his horrendous crash; Reader Restoration - CZ; Triumph X75 Hurricane; Motorcycle Stamp collecting; Fifties Flashback - Velocette race bike; Best of Vintage Mounts; An Echo of a Distant Thunder - lifelong motorcyclist Sidney Biberman provides a rememberance of days gone by; more

CB-77 X-75

1993 May Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue - Honda available at

1969 CZ Model 980 Collectible Motorcycle

Cover: When European-style motocross was brought to the United States in the late sixties, two brands, Husqvarna and CZ, were used by the visiting champions of the Gran Prix circuit. The CZ riders, Joel Robert and Roger DeCoster, quickly developed a following throughout the country which helped make the brand popular. Our cover bike, a CZ model 980 was the company's first single pipe 250 cc model.

Contents: 1969 CZ Model 980; Van Order Collection part 2 - photos from early board track races circa 1912-1915; Resource Spotlight - Ken Bell / British Motorcycle Electrical; Friedman Files - photos of 1962 Ascot 8-mile dirt track race; Reader Restoration - 1957 Triumph TR6 Trophy; Vicious Vincent - Rip Tragle / Egli-framed Vincent; 1965 Honda Super Hawk Roadracer / Tim Mings; Fifties Flashback - road race events in California in the early '50's; Best of Vintage Mounts; more

1993 April Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue available at

1937 BMW R51 SS Classic Motorcycle

Cover: This month's cover bike has seen a lot in its fifty-six years. Starting out as one of only two BMW R51 SS's that were imported into Indonesia, the bike was disassembled when World War II started and buried in the ground. After the war it was dug back up and shipped to Holland, before finally making its way to the United States. It's a great story about one of BMW's milestone models of the 1930's.

Contents: 1937 BMW R51 SS; Resource Spotlight - British Only; Van Order Collection part one - photos of early board track races circa 1912; Bob McKeever Story; Friedman Files - photos of motocross stars of the early 1970's; Two-stroke Threat - Suzuki X-6 Hustler; Reader Restoration - 1914 Henderson Four; Fifties Flashback - Bob Canaan / 101 Indian Scout; Best of Vintage Mounts; more

R-51 X6

1993 March Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue - BMW available at

1935 Harley-Davidson VLD

Cover: A Harley-Davidson VLD has about as much nostalgia and Americana as you can find. Its' "flat head" technology was used for many years in everything Harley built, from its workhorse military bikes to the high speed road racers of the 1960's. Our cover bike is a wonderfully restored example of the popular 1935 VLD model.

Contents: 1935 Harley-Davidson VLD; The Last Scalp - look at the last big motorcycle racing victory by the Indian racing team; Resource Spotlight - Essex Motorsports & Bley Vintage; The Friedman Files - a look back at the career of Roger DeCoster; This Old Bike - Excelsior project bike update; Reader Restoration - Norton 500T; Flash Back - Two Wheel Rocket / Chuck Gardner; Best of Vintage Mounts; more

500T 500-T

1992 Nov./Dec. Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue - Harley-Davidson available at

Friday, December 17, 2010

1938 Triumph Speed Twin - Motorcycle Collector

Cover: The 1930's was a period of tremendous motorcycle development in England. Single cylinder machines were the primary type, with interest growing about four cylinder engines. After Eric Turner introduced the vertical twin design, almost every English motorcycle manufacturer produced one and most followed the general outlines of Turner's design. The Speed Twin, this month's cover bike, convinced the English motorcycling public that two cylinders could be as inexpensive, light and simple to maintain as one.

Contents: Cover Story: 1938 Triumph Speed Twin; Van Order Collection pt. VII -photos of racing stars of the teens and '20s and their V-Twin racing machines; Tribute to Freddie Nix; Resource Spotlight - Pacific Motorbooks; My first bike exhibit - Motorcycle Heritage Museum; Bringing back Bonnie - part 2 of 2 - Triumph Bonneville Restoration; The Best of Vintage Mounts; more

1993 September Motorcycle Collector Magazine Back-Issue - Triumph available at

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