Monday, August 22, 2011

1970 Supercycle Road Test: 750 Norton Metisse - Blue Streak!

Road Tests: 750 Norton Metisse, 450 Ducati Desmo D3, 350 Honda Street Scrambler CL-350, 350 Honda Motosport SL-350, 250 Kawasaki Samurai A-1, 250 Husqvarna Motocross; Features: Building the ultimate Metisse; Half Breed - Harley plus Triumph equals cool; Blonde is beautiful - a dynamite Miss Supercycle for you; Quick guide to motorcycle photography; Custom & Chopper Show; Movie Review: Easy Rider w/ photos of Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper; Just plain Tiny - Larry Matlock; Competition: Pepperell Inter-Am; Baja; Drag Bag - the Nationals at Atco; Tripleheader - the sidecars do their thing at Bryar; Saddleback; more

Super Cycle D-3 CL350 SL350 A1

1970 April SuperCycle Motorcycle Magazine Back Issue available at

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