Saturday, August 13, 2011

1973 Introducing Can-Am Motorcycles by Bombardier 8-Page Brochure / Fold-Out poster

Introducing Can-Am. You're hooked on motorcycles. In fact, by now you've probably owned two or three. Learning to ride, experimenting, exploring and becoming skilled - it was all part of your great motorcycle experience. Now you're ready for something more - a more sophisticated machine for a more experienced rider. A motorcycle that doesn't limit you from the start by its own limitations. For you, Bombardier Limited, world's largest manufacturer of tracked recreational vehicles, has created the step above in motorcycles - the dynamic, new CAN-AM. A versatile machine that goes almost anywhere and does almost anything: that climbs, cruises, flattracks, scrambles, trails, races and most of all - a motorcycle that wins. CAN-AM promises flexibility and performance combined with ease of handling and maneuverability, a durable, adaptable engine and simplicity of operation. There's been no compromise in either quality of materials or design - no short cuts, no second best. Our research and development experts have developed and race-tested performance features that answer the specific needs of North American competition, and you're the winner! Others provide some Can-Am features, but only Can-Am offer them all. MX-1 and T'NT - bred in competition. Our CAN-AM no-compromise policy doesn't stop in the showroom. Backed by 30 years of Bombardier service experience, CAN-AM is no newcomer to efficient, professional aftersales servicing. Bombardier distribution centers and warehouses throughout North America guarantee parts availability, servicing, and technical know-how for all CAN-AM customers. Don't settle for less: CAN-AM by Bombardier. You'll be hearing a lot about us.

Original, vintage Can-Am brochure shows: MX-1, The Professional; T'NT, The Explorer

Brochure fully unfolded measures 16" x 22" and folded measures 8" x 11"


1973 Introducing Can-Am Motorcycles by Bombardier 8-Page Brochure / Fold-Out Poster available at

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