Thursday, June 30, 2011

1975 Motorcyclist 125 MX Shootout

125 MX Shootout - Honda CR125, Kawasaki KX125, Suzuki RM125, Yamaha YZ125; Whatever happened to England? - Bob Greene debuts the new Triumph T-160 Trident and the Norton Commando; Bike Basics: Amal Carburetor; Suzuki GT550 Cafe Project part 1; Sandy Lane - a nostalgic and up to date look at one of the toughest enduros there ever was or ever will be; Riding on Air - the new hot set-up in front suspensions for the di it at home tuner; more

CR-125 KX-125 RM-125 YZ-125 T160 GT-550

1975 August Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1974 360 Enduro Comparison Test - a trio of single cylinder enduros meet head on

360 Enduro Comparison Test - a trio of single cylinder enduros meet head on - Honda XL350 vs. Yamaha DT360A vs. Kawasaki F9-B; Tests: Triumph TR5MX, Honda XL125, Laverda 750-SF; Features: Air Filters; How to Ride Dirt - cornering for speed; World Cup Trials - first U.S. Championship; Bike Basics - four-stroke engines; Buyers Guide - hand levers; How to: Double discs for Yamahas; more

XL-350 DT360-A DT-360 F9B F-9 TR5-MX TR-5 XL-125 750SF

1974 April Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1973 48th ISDT, Dalton, Mass. - USA wins ISDT Vase

Cover: For the first time in history, the International Six Days Trials were held on American soil. Also for the first time, the Americans won the Silver Vase trophy.

Tests: Kawasaki 400 S-3 Triple, Yamaha MX100, Yamaha MX125; Features: Six Days - Dave Ekins inside story; How To Ride snow and ice; Gifts Yule Like for dirt and street; 1974 - year of the BMW - all new R90/S; New 1974 Models - Honda, Penton, Suzuki, Yamaha; Can-Am 125/175 preview from Canada; more

S3 MX-100 MX-125 ISDT R90-S R-90

1973 December Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1959 Harley-Davidson 1200cc FLH Duo Glide

Cover: Michael Quinn's 1959 Harley-Davidson 1200cc FLH Duo-Glide kicks off our special "Panhead Fever" issue.

Tests: Panhead Fever - three Harleys from the mid-fifties; Motorcycle Model Collecting - your dream bikes on a smaller scale; 1970 BSA Highboy - a matter of pedigree; Allstate 250 - from Sears showroom to the living room; 1964 Honda Benly - 154cc's of pure charm; Italian beauty - Phil Schilling's Ducati 750 Super Sport; 1974 Cheney BSA - a John Banks replica 500cc motocrosser; more


1993 August Bike Journal International Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1976 Ossa 350 Enduro - first test on the newest & biggest Ossa

Cover: The biggest Ossa ever boasts a poke and a stroke, laydown gassers and pearlescent candy paint

Tests: Ossa 350 Mountaineer Enduro, CZ 250, Suzuki DOHC 750, BMW 100RS, Kawasaki DOHC 650; Features: Kawasaki KX250MX - technical look at a Jim Weinert's Grand Prix Racer; Idiot's guide to disc brakes; Laguna Seca; Showcase feature - Penton desert racer; British 500 GP; Fairings buyers guide; How to install a fairing; Goodyear Eagle MX2; more

CZ250 CZ-250 100-RS KX250-MX KX-250

1976 November Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Ossa available at

1984 Honda CBX750 - what the Nighthawk S could have been

Cover: Honda CBX750 - This is the European equivalent of the Honda Nighthawk S.

Motorcycles: Honda CBX750; The NightHawk Reexamined; Honda V30 Magna; Yamaha XT250; Special Feature: Motorcycle of the Year; 16 years of motorcycle of the year; The Contenders - footnotes in motorcycle history books; Features: Competition Calendar; Black-Tie Boxer -updating BMW Twins; R65 Applications; Murphy's Laws applied to motorcycling; more

CBX-750 V-30 XT-250

1984 August Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1960 BSA Gold Star - Karl Duffner's immaculate 500 single

Cover: 1960 BSA Gold Star - A Love-Hate-Love Relationship between Karl Duffner and his Clubman

Features: 1960 BSA Gold Star - A Love-Hate-Love Relationship between Karl Duffner and his Clubman; Lindner Cycle Shop; Trophy Winning Trophy - Dick Mann's 1949 Triumph TR5 500; How to buy a vintage Honda part 1; Dream Garage - your top-ten favorite classics; Running Down a Dream - Maxine Levy's 1944 Indian Chief; Vintage Apparel buyers guide; more


1994 January Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1976 Moto Guzzi MK1 Le Mans - this guy takes his Guzzi very seriously

Cover: Guy Verfaillie's 1976 Moto Guzzi MK1 LeMans took a lot of time and money to bring back to this condition. But, then again, this Guy takes this Guzzi very seriously.

Features: 1976 Moto Guzzi MK1 Le Mans; 1962 Maserati 50cc Super Sport - to this particular collector "Life's Been Good"; Indian Day 1993 - annual motorcycle pow-wow in Springfield, MA; Cannonball Baker Run II 1993 - Max Bubeck crosses the US on a 1915 Indian; 1965 Honda CB77 305 Superhawk -the laughing stops here; 1932 BSA Sports Twin 3-wheeler; more

LeMans MK-1 CB-77

1993 December Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1946 Indian Chief - "Regal Restoration"

Cover: Dave Royal's 1946 Chief is a "Regal Restoration." Although Dave's restoration business is known as "Panhead Fever," the master craftsman often focuses his considerable talents on Harley's former competitor...

Features: 1946 Indian Chief - Dave Royal's "Regal Restoration"; Triumph Day - the ultimate British bike enthusiast's event; Brit Bike Bonanza - team AHRMA/USA scrambling in England; Ex-Police Motorcycle Meeting - London abounds with Police machinery; Past Stars in Pen and Ink - Dan Ambrecht's drawings reflect the good old days; Loudon Vintage Racing Celebration; Triumph T25T - Trail Blazin' 250; The Whizz - this stylish Whizzer has a bad attitude; more

T25-T T-25

1993 November Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jeff Gilbert's Harley KR Flat Tracker

Cover: Few motorcycles really really catch the eye and hold it. Jeff Gilbert's Harley KR is one of them. This purpose-built flat tracker is representative of the style of motorcycle that ruled American dirt tracks in the '50s.

Features: Catalog Harley Racer - Jeff Gilbert's KR Flat Tracker; John Hateley - 25 years as a professional motorcycle racer; Shop Profile: Ventura California's "The Shop"; Daytona '94 - your guide to vintage bike week; 1960 Spitfire Scrambler - sensational Father/Son BSA; Robin James - restoring it right; 1954 Vincent Comet - half a Vincent or twice the fun?; Too Hot to handle - Lee Fabry's '70s Yamaha Factory YZ's; more


1994 March Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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