Monday, January 31, 2011

1975 Can-Am 250 MX Road Test - putting thrills into your life

Contents: Road Tests: Can-Am 250 MX, Husky CR-125 GP, Honda MR-175 Enduro; Features: Lake Whitney 250 National; 125cc Jofa Grand Prix; United States 500 Grand Prix; Canadian 500 Grand Prix; Talking with Kent Howerton and Tony Distefano; Technical: Husqvarna Long Travel Suspension modifications; Curnutt Shock rebuild; Yamaha 400 Update - 6 month progress report; Air Fork Suspension; more

CR125 MR175

1975 October Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1975 Marty Smith's 125 Honda Elsinore - inside & outside the trickest 125 Honda

Contents: Road Tests: Honda 125 Elsinore, Carabela 125 Marquesa; Features: Marty Smith 125 National Championship Honda Elsinore; Saddleback Trans-AMA; Lake Whitney Trans-AMA; Carnegie Trans-AMA; Conversation with Gerrit Wolsink; Barstow to Vegas - Mitch Mayes and AC Bakken win together!; Technical: Shake and Bake Kawasaki; more

1975 March Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Honda available at

1975 Be a Better Motocrosser - Be a Better Berm Basher!

Contents: Road Tests: Yamaha DT400B Enduro, Bultaco 360 Pursang, Kawasaki F-9 350 Bighorn Enduro; Features: Terre Haute; Be a Better Motocrosser part 7 - Be a Better Berm Basher!; Side-Hack Moto-X; National Speedway Championships; Road Atlanta Trans-AMA; Florida Trans-AMA; 1974-1975 National Circuit Wrap-Up; Technical: Telesco Tune-Up - rebuilding your bouncers; Building the Maximum Honda part 3; more

DT400 DT-400 F9

1975 February Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Sunday, January 30, 2011

1976 Trail Testing the two newest enduros - Honda MR250 & Yamaha XT500-C

Contents: Road Tests: Trail Testing the two newest enduros - Honda MR250 Elsinore, Yamaha XT500-C, Husqvarna 360-CR; Technical: Suspension part 1 - fork springs and oil weights; "Slick Trick" Crank Work; Features: On the road with Team Suzuki; Trans-AMA Wrapup; Danny Turner National No. 3 125 Elsinore - the best non-factory bike in the U.S.; Interview: Dennis Blanton of Team Honda; more

MR-250 XT500C XT-500 360CR

1976 March Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1976 Hopetown Grand Prix Classic - two days of great racing

Cover: Hopetown always supplies some down and dirty racing in the mudhole area.

Contents: Road Tests: Suzuki RM370, Kawasaki KD175, Yamaha YZ80C; Technical: Carburetion Tuning; Yamaha Six-Petal Reed; Kent Howerton Trans-AMA Husky; Powroll Performance XL175 Kit; Features: Mid-Ohio Trans-AMA, Unadilla Trans-AMA; AC-Delco Score Baja 1000; ISDT 1975; Hopetown Grand Prix Classic; US National Speedway Championships; 9th annual 8-hour marathon desert race; more

RM-370 KD-175 YZ80 YZ-80 Husqvarna, XL-175

1976 February Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Saturday, January 29, 2011

1976 Yamaha YZ-400C Monoshock (Monocross) Road Test

Contents: Road Tests: Yamaha YZ-400C Monoshock (Monocross), Suzuki RM-125A; Features: Personality: Dave Mungenast - 41, funny and fast; Snow Ride to Cerro Gordo; Biggest little MX ever - the world Mini Grand Prix; Hardly a Motocross Team - Harley has a strategy; Interview with Bob Hannah - Yamaha's latest threat to the MX world; Technical: Updating Green Hondas; Altitude Carb Tuning; Building Kawasaki KX-400 / KX-250 Enduro Machines; more

YZ400C YZ400 YZ-400 RM125A RM-125 RM125 KX400 KX250

1976 August Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Yamaha available at

1976 Husqvarna CR-125 GP Road Test - Sweden's best entry in the small-bore class

Contents: Road Tests: Husqvarna CR-125 GP, Honda XL-125; Features: Suzuki Official School of Motocross; A Conversation with Gaston Rahier, Billy Grossi and Danny Laporte; The Superbowl of Motocross - biggest crowd yet watches Ellis soar to victory; Tips for trail riding; Technical: The Ottow Werks Gas Fork Accumulators; Yamaha 500 Modifications; Two-Stroke Exhaust Pipe Theory; more

CR125 XL125

1976 November Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Race Testing the 1976 Honda CR-125 Elsinore

Contents: Road Test: The 1976 Honda CR-125 Elsinore; Features: The Mid-Ohio 125 U.S. Grand Prix - Marty smokes 'em, Gaston wins crown; U.S. Two-Day Qualifier Series Wrap-Up; 1976 Women's Nationals; Privateering the Nationals - Kenny Zahrt shows how it's done on $300; U.S. Grand Prix - Dr. Wolsink does it again; Yamaha IT-400 Update; Technical: Wheel Lacing; Yamaha YZ-100 Noguchi Reed and Carb Kit; Yamaha's Water-Cooled OW Factory Motocrossers; more

CR125 IT400 YZ100

1976 October Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Friday, January 28, 2011

1977 Bultaco Frontera 370 - Serious motorcycle for serious riders

Contents: Road Tests: Bultaco Frontera 370, Yamaha DT250 Monoshock Enduro; Technical: CDI Ignition Installation; Features: Previews & Impressions 1977; Camel Pro Series Preview; thoughts on the fine art of enduro time keeping; A YZ For Show - special 125 motocrosser built primarily for the show circuit; Dealernews Motorcycle & Trade Expo; Ron Turner - chat with a definite up and comer; more

1977 April Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Bultaco available at

1977 Pierre Karsmakers - tales of his pro career!

Contents: Pierre Karsmakers - tales of his pro career; The 51st International Six Days Trial; Wrapping up the '76 Camel Pro Series; Eight Bad Hours - New Classic marathon desert race from Colorado; Four-Stroke Nationals - Thumpers only at Carlsbad; Veteran's Motocross - don't call them old-timers; Technical: Updating your old Yamaha mini to latest specs; Six pages of low cost easy performance tips; more

1977 January Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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