Thursday, July 26, 2012

1965 BMW R60 Road Test / Specs

There is only one way to fully understand the meaning of the many tales about the luxuriousness of the BMW; ride one! Its reputation as the two-wheele counterpart of the world's most expensive automobiles may only be appreciated by those who have had the opportunity to twist the throttle and sail smoothly down the road... 1965 BMW R60 Road Test 3-Page Article available at

1965 James Cotswold Starmaker Scrambler 250 Road Test / Specs

The real outstanding feature of this bike is its durability. We have spoken to James riders who take the bikes out on the rugged desert week after week under conditions that often shake lesser machines literally to pieces. Probably the best thing we can say in this regard is that each James competition bike is road tested at the factory in England by ace scrambler Chris Horsfield. No bike leaves the factory without his personal o.k. From this we can be sure that the James Cotswold is really built to "take it." 1965 James Cotswold Starmaker Scrambler 250 Road Test 3-Page available at

1965 Trail Bike Roundup - Photos, specs, descriptions

Shown: Dart Ridge Runner from Rupp; The Duck Trail-Bike from Bird Engineering; Bridgestone from Rockford Scooter Co.; Simplex Trail Machine from Valiant; Gilera Town & Country; Trail King & Trail 50 fom Testi Corp.; Yamaha Omaha Trailmaster; Yamaha Big Bear Scrambler; Benelli Cobra Scrambler; Benelli Fireball Scrambler; Maico Enduro; Suzuki Hill-Billy; MB XTR 50, 80, 125c; Triumph Tiger Cub TR6S/C & T100S/C; Honda Trail 55 and Trail 90; Ducati Mountaineer 90; Trail Bikes from Spain; Trail-Breaker; Hodaka Ace 90; BSA Starfire Trials - Cat 250 & Enduro Star 350; Harley-Davidson Scat; 1965 Trail Bike Roundup - Photos, specs, descriptions 16-Page Article available at

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1965 Triumph Trophy Road Sports TR6S/R - high performance, high power

The full-powered Single Carburetor range of 40 cu. in. Triumphs offer great simplicity, reliability and smoth operation in a Sports type. Models available: TR6S/R Trophy Road Sports, (shown above) TR6/SC Competitiion Sports and the 6T Thunderbird. 1965 Triumph Trophy Road Sports TR6S/R Ad available at

1965 BMW makes a safe motorcycle - from here on it's up to you.

BMW makes safe motorcycles. Generous brakes provide sure, safe stopping. The Bosch headlight beam guides you safely through the night. All BMW models can be equipped with BMW electric turn signals. Noise and vibration are minimal. You won't get tired. On a BMW you cruise safely at speeds which let you keep up with fast turnpike traffic. BMW's road-holding qualities are superb. Rear springing is adjustable to take up the weight of the passenger and luggage. And, of course, no danger from worn-out drive chains or sprockets because all BMW's have shaft drive. BMW makes a safe motorcycle. From here on it's up to you. 1965 BMW makes a safe motorcycle / Speedometer Ad available at

1965 Bultaco Metralla - the road racer you can ride on the street!

The Metralla shows up nicely on the street. The red (or silver) paint glistens. Climb aboard. The wide saddle is comfortable. Ride the machine in town. You go about your business quietly, smoothly, and effortlessly... 1965 Bultaco Metralla - the road racer you can ride on the street! Ad available at

Man names 171 motorcycle companies in 212 seconds!

I missed a couple but not bad. The full list is in the sidebar on my blog at I know I missed some of the antique brands and maybe a couple others. What else did I miss?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1965 Jawa Motorcycles - Unparalleled Workmanship

Each and every of the tens-of-thousands of JAWA Motorcycles built annually undergoes numerous inspections during construction, where precision tolerances and quality control are of prime importance. Thus, in the finished product, which reflects the finest in European craftsmanship, you may ride with pride and confidence, knowing that your JAWA represents quality workmanship. Yes, you're Money and Miles Ahead on JAWA. Why not see your JAWA Dealer today? He has a model (other than the blonde above) that's just right for you! 1965 Jawa Motorcycles - Unparalleled Workmanship Ad available at

Harley-Davidson Line for 1966 - hit the high road to fun!

1. Sprint H 250cc 2. Electra Glid 1200cc 3. Sportster H 900cc 4. Sprint C 250cc 5. Bobcat 175cc 6. Sportster CH 900cc 7. M-50 50cc 8. M-50 Sport 50cc The fun wheels are here! Harley-Davidson for 1966, the greatest line glowing and going under the sun. And one of these gleaming beauties is just for you. So name your kicks. Lightweight fun on the nifty M-50 or the hot new M-50 Sport. The cheetah-quickness of a Sprint. The smooth Electra-Glide ride. The go-go power of s Sportster. Or that brand new tiger we call Bobcat. You name your brand of fun, Harley-Davidson's the brand that's got it, 18 great new models for fun and competition... 1966 Harley-Davidson Line Ad available at

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