Friday, January 25, 2008

RIDE..East on Maverick III, West on Maverick II

Dad's Vintage Motorcycle Ad of the Day

Ad Publication Date: 1969
Ad Title: RIDE..East on Maverick III, West on Maverick II

This vintage motorcycle ad may still be available for sale HERE.

Text of Ad:

For the Ride of Your Life...


East on Maverick III

This is the hottest import bike now available in has the rugged heart and stamina of a lion...with the sure-footedness and thrust of a mountain goat...all with the nice easy motion of a seagull in a blue sky. The powerful engine (4.5 HP - 2 Strokes), dual brakes, front and rear shocks, and a big comfortable seat give a ride like you've never had on a bike...any kind of a bike.

West on Maverick II

A strong, sturdy, American made bike, designed and built to roll like a ball and climb like a cat...a carefully worked out engine (3 HP - 4 Cycle) ratio to weight, plus front and rear shock absorbers, gives the rider a sure, soft, comfortable ride...dual brakes gives the bike a positive reliable braking system for all-the-time road safety. Get on and take a ride. You'll never want to get off.

Maverick Distribution Company

Maverick Distributors: Maverick Motor Bike Distributors Inc., Los Angeles, California / Telstad Distributing Co., San Jose, Calif. / American Motor & Mini Bike Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada / Associated Motors, Inc., Ogden Utah / Trail Cycle of Montana, Great Falls, Montana / Maddox Motors, Sidney, Nebraska / Four Seasons Sports Center, Amarillo, Texas / Major Distributing Co., Yukon, Oklahoma / American Motor & Mini Bike Centre, Houston, Texas / G. & R. Cycle Sales, Obid, Michigan / Galaxy Cycle Sales, Terre Haute, Indiana / Competition Accessories, Inc., Xenia, Ohio / United Sports Inc., Asheville, No. Carolina

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1978 Ducati 900 Super Tiger - Travel First Class

Ducati - Travel First Class

The fantastic Ducati 900 "Super Tiger" is in a class by itself. It is powered by a 90' alloy V-Twin electric starter engine with a 5-speed gearbox and Bosch electrical equipment. Such exclusive features as a desmodromic overhead cam engine and magnesium wheels are not part of an ordinary bike. The luxurious "Super Tiger" is by far one of the most desirable motorcycles available today.

Ducati has established an enviable reputation when it comes to handling, performance, and reliability. Ducati owners across the nation claim there aren't machines that can keep up with their Ducati's all-around performance.

The Ducati "Super Tiger" has been designed and engineered for today's knowledgeable generation. Get set, get your DUCATI 900 "Super Tiger" NOW.

Sole U.S. Distributor
Berliner Motor Corp. Railroad Street and Plant Road, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. 07604

1978 Ducati 900 Super Tiger Berliner Motorcycle Ad available at

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The '69 Beezas - 7 Bold Ways To Make Time

Dad's Vintage Motorcycle Ad of the Day

Ad Publication Date: 1968

Ad Title: The '69 Beezas - 7 Bold Ways To Make Time

This vintage motorcycle ad may still be available for sale HERE.

Text of Ad:

The '69 Beezas. Count 'em! Seven gleaming, new BSA's ready to put you out front. Wher the action is. Ready to give you the boldest ride of your life.

Distinctive styling inspired by the unique, new 3 cylinder Rocket 3. Brawny 4-stroke engines that pour on the power. Many exciting new features that give you precision, safety and reliability. The '69 Beezas deliver more performance and more fun than ever before, and bring with them a new mark in dependability.

See the new generation of BSA's today! One test ride will show you why Beeza is a bold way to make time.

441cc Victor Special

New improved gearbox for easier, faster positive mesh shifting - primary chain tensioner that insures maximum performance - big 8" racing-type front brake that really stops - new provision for tach for street and sport precision - extra ground clearance for extra fun wherever you go - the Championship single that has more of what every motorcyclist wants in his mount.

650cc Thunderbolt

Effortless riding enjoyment under all conditions - a smooth blend of usable power and performance with low rpm torque in a twin-cylinder, single-carb engine - new full-width double leading shoe front brake - new exposed chromed rear springs for good looks and better ride - new oil and ignition warning lights - and new exhaust equalizer tube for increased top-end performance - the grandest Gran-Turismo of them all.

750cc Rocket 3

Totally new! - revolutionary 3 cylinder 45 cu. in. hemi-head delivers 60 smooth horses - futuristic Tripak dynotuned mufflers - new Dunlop K-81 Trigonic rear tire for maximum grip - 3 unitized concentric carbs - aircraft-type oil radiator insures optimum engine life - super-strength advanced clutch - the newest, biggest, boldest Beeza of them all - the one Gordon Jennings, editor of CYCLE magazine calls "the most impressive production motorcycle I have ever ridden."

650cc Lightning

Lightning fast horses for more power than most people ever need - two 30mm concentric carbs - big double leading shoe front brake that puts you in charge - many engineering advancements, including all new ignition and oil warning lights for convenience and safety - new equalizer tube on exhaust pipes for increased top-end performance - rubber mounted speedo and tach that add precision to your riding - the absolute tops in Super-Sport.

500cc Royal Star

New exposed chromed rear springs give lighter, more stylish suspension - easy starting, easy riding - new full-width double leading shoe front brake - new oil warning light and new ignition warning light that give you safety, confidence and convenience - extra-wide power band for smooth, effortless touring - new chrome fenders and sparkling blue tank and side panels the twin that blends long-ride comfort with smooth dependability.

650cc Firebird Scrambler

Twin concentric carbs that give you cleaner, quicker acceleration - tuned upswept crossover exhausts provide maximum clearance - quickly detachable sport headlight and provision for capacitor ignition allows on/off the road flexibility - new exhaust equalizer tube for increased top-end performance - the versatile fire-breathing road-sport Beeza that leaves competition in the dust.

250cc Starfire

A totally new innovation in styling that sets you apart - special new gleaming black engine with polished cylinder barrel that looks mean just standing still - new orange steel gas tank with brilliant gold center-stripe - new upswept exhaust pipe - o.h.v. single with 10-1 compression ratio for sizzling performance - new full-width double leading shoe front brake - the BSA lightweight that sets a new pace in economy, fun and reliability.


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