Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1971 Kawasaki 250-E Motorcycle Test & Specs

Contents: Barstow to Vegas; European Scene; Kawasaki 250-E Test; Piston Pointers; Kit-Kat fold-up mini-bike Impression; Yamaha 200 Twin Impression; Ohio Hill Climb; Harley-Davidson Roadracer; Saddleback Inter-Am / Ake Jonsson; 1971 Benellis; Metal Myths; Carabela Caliente 125 Motocross Racer Test; Desert Master Frames; "Up on the Pegs"; Miss Modern Motorcycle; Puch 175 Moto Crosser Test; Castrol International Grand Prix / Hurley Wilvert; more


1971 March Modern Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1972 Benelli 650 Tornado - thorough technical breakdown & Road Test

Cover: Benelli 650 Tornado - an ultra short-stroke 650 twin.

Contents: Road Tests: 650 Benelli Tornado, 750 Dunstall-Honda, Yamaha 250 YDS-7; Norton Manx Track Test; It's just an idea, phase 2; Satisfying Single - Norton singles are considered highly desirable classics and genuine collectors' items; Tribute to a Great Single - Velocette history; Volkswagen Power for motorcycles; Praying Mantis - for chopper lovers everywhere; more


1972 May Motor Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Benelli available at

1968 Vintage Jawa 250 cc Californian Motorcycle Road Test

Contents: Road Tests: Jawa 250cc Californian, CZ 250 Trials, Matchless 500 G-80CS; Features: Two Day Berkshire International Trials; 3rd Annual Indio Tour; Custom Triumph - street or Drag?; Miniature Drag Bike; Borscht Belt Scrambles Race; Technical: Extending Forks on the Lightweight; A couple of handy hints to save bucks; Buy-Sell-Swap; more

G80-CS G80CS G-80 CS

1968 December Motor Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1978 Yamaha YZ100E - Little yellow rocket

Cover: 250cc National Motocross Champion Tony DiStefano (works Suzuki) in a muddy Trans-AMA contest

Contents: Road Tests: Yamaha YZ100-E, Husqvarna 250 OR; Honda Express NC50 Impression - "Little Green whatever you want to call it"; Features: Heyberger; Coca-Cola Motocross Finals; Kent Howerton - the "Rhinestone Cowboy"; Hodaka for '78; Dirt Diggers Grand Prix; Tech: Lectron Carburetor - how to put it on and why; more


1978 February Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1974 Bultaco Matador MK V - possibly Spain's finest

Cover: John DeSoto in action with CZ. Centerspread shows Jammin' Jimmy Weinert wallowing at the Bay Mare Mud-O-Cross

Contents: Road Tests: Bultaco Matador Mk V, Suzuki TM-75L Mini-cross; Features: Under the Texas Dome - the Astrodome echoes motorcycles once again; The Bay Mare All Pro Qualifier Mud-O-Cross; Project Honda - the frame, the test, the works; Technical: Super Power Sachs Secrets; British Bullet Proofing - make your Triumph trustworthy; Help your Husky - Hampering the Husky hop; more

TM75 TM-75

1974 May Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

1970 Greeves 380 Griffon - England's most famous moto-cross machine

Cover: 380 Greeves Griffon

Contents: Road Tests: Triumph Trident, Greeves 380 Griffon, Kawasaki 250 A1-SS, Honda Trail 70; Greenhorn '70; Talladega - big time cycle racing comes to Alabama; Overhauling the 160cc/175cc Honda Gearbox; That Berkshire Business - the proper place to practice for the ISDT; Monster Mikuni - 34mm of go-power carburetor; A Better Baja; The Balancing Act - how to stuff and balance your crankshaft; more


1970 September Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Greeves available at

Sunday, September 26, 2010

1970 Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine - BSA Lightning Road Test

Cover: BSA Lightning

Contents: Road Tests: BSA Lightning, Honda 350 Motocross, Bultaco 360 El Bandido, Kawasaki 100 Trail; 828 miles of misery - the Baja 1000; Honda SL-90 (SL90) Hop-up; Installation of Rim Locks; A Fast Suzuki from the Northwest - Herb Uhl built for Tom Sawyer; Bolting on better brakes; The Inter-Am Series; Quick Carburetor Overhaul; Choosing the right tire; more

1970 March Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - BSA available at

1969 750 Norton Commando motorcycle Road Test & Specifications

Cover: new two-tone Norton Commando at speed

Contents: Road Tests: 750 Norton Commando, 360 CZ Motocross, 900 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLH, 1000 Egli-Vincent, 350 Ducati Desmo; Features: Commando Hop-Up Kits; Two-Cycle Racing Engines; Miss Cyclesport; Antiques & Classics - the sport of collecting motorcycles; Death Valley Tour; Rocket Record - Beeeaz's three-sets speed marks; Vincent Dragster; Show Triumph; Viewfinders MC club; Porshe powered Gasser; Competition: International Motocross; Mexicali Scrambles; more

1969 August Cycle Sport Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue - Norton available at

1968 Cycle Sport Magazine - most complete Eastern Motorcycle Sports News Coverage

Cover: Racing on ice passes the winter months away, in great splashes of water in New Hampshire

Contents: Tests & Technical - Bultaco 360 Bandido; AMA Report; Cyclists alert; Classy classifieds; Canadian cycling; Maine Motorcycling; New England Events; Scrambles Scribbles; Meet the Scramblers; Tales of the Trails; Metropolitan Motorcycling; Western New York; District 6 Cycling; Florida in Focus; Down in the Gator Pits; Detroit Doings; Hoosier Highlights; Midwest Motorcycling; New Models on the market; Meet the top tuners; more

1968 March Cycle Sport Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

Saturday, September 25, 2010

1990 Maximum Motorcycles - testing the newest superbikes

Cover: Kawasaki ZX-11, BMW K1, Honda CBR1000

Contents: Features: Tests: Kawasaki ZX-11, BMW K1, Honda CBR1000; Comparison - the BMW K1, CBR-1000 and the ZX11 meet in a battle of the bullets; Superbike Number One - "Faster" was the cry even in 1907; Tools of the trade - Larry Roeseler's Baja 1000 winning KX500 and ISDE 80; Project: Katana 750 gets a beauty makeover; Ultra FZ - adding $10,000 to an FZ750; more

ZX11 CBR-1000 KX-500 FZ-750

1990 April Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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