Sunday, August 14, 2011

1970 Honda Scrambler 70 CL-70 K1 vintage motorcycle brochure with photos & specs

Honda Scrambler 70 CL70-K1 - a hot, little lightweight for road and dirt riding. Packs a lot more power than you'd expect. The four-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine delivers 4.9 bhp @ 8000 rpm. That's enough for a top spee of 50 mph. Designwise, the CL-71 K1 is all new. Check out the racing fuel tank. Or the new headlight, front fender, sweptback muffler and heat shield. Want more features? You asked for it. Telescopic front suspension. Rugged four-speed transmission. And wild new color combinations. The Scrambler 70 is just the ticket in states with under 5 bhp laws. Ride it soon. With 185 miles to the gallon, you can go a long way...From Mighty to Mini, Honda has it all.

CL70K1 CL70 CL-70

1970 Honda Scrambler 70 CL-70 K1 4-Page Brochure available at

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