Sunday, August 14, 2011

The 10 Best Motorcycles of 1977

Ten Best Bikes of 1977: Touring: Honda GL1000; Superbike: Kawasaki KZ1000; Heavyweight Roadster: Suzuki GS750; Middleweight Roadster: Kawasaki KZ650; Lightweight Roadster: Yamaha RD400; Enduro: Yamaha IT175; 125 Motocross: Suzuki RM125; 250 Motocross: Yamaha YZ and Suzuki RM (tie); Open Motocross: Yamaha YZ400; Dual Purpose: Yamaha DT125/175

Road Tests: Yamaha DT125E, Honda CB550F-77, Suzuki RM250C; Impression: Honda XL100, XL125 and XL175; Technical: Arming your Yamaha YZ with aluminum - make one of the best better with an aftermarket swing arm; Trailer wiring made easy; Sears Point Revival; Loudon/Roberts; Superbowl/Weinert; more

GL-1000 KZ-1000 GS-750 KZ-650 RD-400 IT-175 RM-125 YZ250 YZ-250 RM250 RM-250 YZ-400 DT-125 DT-175 DT175 DT125-E DT-125 CB550-F CB-550 RM250-C RM-250 XL-100 XL-125 Xl-175

1977 October Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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