Saturday, November 26, 2011

1977 Kawasaki - we come from a long line of four strokes.

From the mighty Z-1000 on down to the tough new KZ200, these road machines have one thing in common. They're designed around four stroke powerplants. Because when it comes to serious roadwork, nothing quite gets the job done like a four stroke. Consider the engine that powers our Z-1000 and 1000 LTD models. You've go to call it a jewel of engineering (if anything that size could be called a jewel) with its direct-action double overhead camshafts and its crankshaft that runs on six caged roller bearings. Or our classic looking KZ750 vertical twin with its unique contra-rotating balance weights that cancel out the vibrations vertical twin lovers used to take for granted - a feature that we have also integrated into our 400 series bikes. Or our new, high performance 650/4 engine which, despite its deceptively quiet operation, is capable of blowing off a lot of 750's. So swing a leg over one of Kawasaki's road bikes for 1977. And we think you'll agree that when it gets down to the four strokes, Kawasaki's got it made. Kawasaki - We know why you ride.

Z1000 KZ750 KZ-750 Z-1000 KZ650 KZ-650 KZ400 KZ-400 KZ200 KZ-200

1977 Kawasaki - we come from a long line of four strokes. 4-Page Ad available at

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