Thursday, November 10, 2011

1972 Choppers Magazine - Mel Anderson's Panhead - Not for fussing, just for riding

Cover: Mel Anderson's panhead, just by registration is a complex machine. Registered as a '69 Special Construction scooter, it's actually a '64 panhead mill in a 1957 straight leg frame. Anderson may be a carpenter, but he knows how to build scooters, too - his bike has been up and running lots of miles for over a year, without a scratch, chip or highside.

Feature Chops: Mel Anderson - Not for Fussing, Just for Riding; Serpentine Cycle; Lots of Inches, Lots of Tricks - an E-Normous Harley for an E-Normous man; A Bike for three seasons; Tech: Chop Talk; Interchangeable spark plugs; Extend your own Harley Springer; Try Mikunis for a new slant on speed; Go Fast Goodies for the Super Glide; Rubber Band your carb; Special Feature: Project Honda; more

1972 September Choppers Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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