Thursday, November 10, 2011

1973 Choppers Magazine Cover - U.S. Navy Destroyer TARTAR surface-to-air missile

Cover: This pretty red machine is a one of a kind Triumph done up by General Motorcycle Engineering in North Hollywood, California, to demonstrate their expertise. Note the lovely frame. Sigh over the rear disc brake. Gasp at the sensuous girder. That's a TARTAR surface-to-air missile in the background. It doesn't have a raked front end, but it still tracks pretty straight on a long run. and it's very quick off the line.

Feature Chops: Stand by to Repel Boarders! - A U.S. Destroyer takes on a Limey; Ice Blue Sporty for a very cool lady; Mr. Clean goes East; Bear Knuckle; Home Brew Sportster; Tech: Chop Talk; H-D Shift Conversion; Paint like a pro for ten bucks; The Yoshimura 750; Special Features: Project Honda Four part 5; Portfolio - Dennis Anderson; more

1973 January Choppers Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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