Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1975 Custom Chopper - Bob Dell's "Whammer Jammer"

Cover: Bob Dell's Whammer Jammer; Special Features: Sun Fun - Daytona 1975; Death of a Future; Special Interest: Rat's Hole Chopper Show; Concord - The Tarnished Angel; Oakland - a smooth sip of Ol' Grandad; Technical: What about glitter foil?; Feature Bikes: Whammer Jammer - a monument to machine work plus Free Giant Full-Color foldout; Bill's Beautiful Bonnie; Gypsy Lady; Rubber Stamp Scooter; Chopped Libber; Aquarius; X-Rated Trike; The Cheese Hauler; more

1975 June Custom Chopper Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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