Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1972 Choppers Magazine - The right way to detail your bike

Cover: John Cogar on his 1937 knucklehead; Feature Chops: Taking the back roads to yesterday - John Cogar on his 1937 knucklehead; It Happened in Fog City; How did their chop shop grow?; Back on the scene with his desert machine; Surprise Scoot, Southern Style; Tech: Chop Talk; The Right Way to detail your bike; How to install fork stops; Make your bike breathe better; Step-by-Step tuning technique; Building a Skull-bodied trike part 4; Gear it right; Off the wall: Two views - what's next for chops?; A Biker's Day - the part outsiders never see - it's not all brawls, brews and busts; more

1972 February Choppers Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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