Sunday, November 6, 2011

1958 Harley-Davidson sweeps racing competition - Carroll Resweber, Grand National Champion

Harley-Davidson takes first two places in the Grand National Champion Point Standings. Five straight years "Number 1" in the Nation! That's the distinction held by Harley-Davidson ever since the inauguration of the A.M.A. point standings back in 1954! And, in finishing first again this year, Harley-Davidson riders took the top two places in the standings...earned over half the National Points awarded...won more National Championships and set more New Records than any other brand! Carroll Resweber of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, took the Grand National Champion title with 36 points. Joe Leonard, last year's winner, placed a close second with 35 points. Hills, tracks, beach and road race courses, every type of speed competition saw Harley-Davidson out in front! You too, will come out ahead when you own and ride a winner, an exciting 1959 Harley-Davidson! See 'em, ride 'em at your Harley-Davidson dealer today!

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