Monday, November 14, 2011

1974 Vintage Kawasaki Motocross Ad - "The Winner"

You can work just as hard to lose in motocross as you can to win. So, if you really want to win motos, we suggest you first take the easy step of visiting your Kawasaki dealer. Because for the first time, Kawasaki is producing motocross bikes for all three major classes. There's a 125 that packs a 6-speed transmission and a rotary valve engine with a superwide power band. Then there's a 250 with a ballsy piston port powerplant and a chrome moly frame. And then there's a super-light 450 with such a torquey engine that Cycle World said "it was easy to find 3rd gear and race the entire Saddle back course...we were amazed." ...It was a Kawasaki that rode to the 1973 AMA 500cc Championship. With none other than Brad Lackey riding...

1974 Kawasaki Motocross "The Winner" 2-Page Ad available at

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