Friday, November 25, 2011

1971 Kawasaki 750 H-2 Mach IV Super Tourer

Road Tests: Kawasaki 750 H-2 Mach IV Super Tourer, BSA Gold Star 500SS, Hodaka B+; Technical: Honda's 300 mph Hawk -the inside story of the most fantastic LSR machine yet; Mach III Suspension Mods; Features: Super Scooter -you custom Triumph fans will love this one; Nostalgic Visit -a beautifully restored thumper; Vesco / Carruthers -profile of the giant killers; Swede Carlson reminisces about Barstow to Vegas; Sliger's Screamer - Don's at it again - a blown LSR 'Enfield; Competition: Carlsbad GP; CG 1st Annual Grand Prix; more

H2 500-SS

1971 December Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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