Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1970 Cycle Racing. Inside the Sport. The Stars, Events, Machines, Tuning Tips

Cycle Racing 1970. A Guide to motorcycle sprot by the editors of Cycle Magazine. Inside the Sport: The Stars, Events, Machines, Tuning Tips, plus a big how-to section, and tests of 8 racers you can buy!

Contents: Editorial; How to stage a dynamite enduro; How to go sportsman racing; Technical: Tuning your 2-stroke; GYT Kit - Instant horses; 150 MPH easy!; Air Filters -dusting it off; Expansion Chambers; Muscle-Up Modifications - Hodaka Ace 100; Year's Best Service Tips; Competition: Yamahas in Europe; AMA Season - The Vicious Circle; Mud, Sweat & Gears; True Grit - European Motocross; People: Those who won; Giants Asleep - when will American Motocross wake up?; Where do they go from here? - Lawwill and Rayborn rap about racers' futures; Ridin' back to the fifties (on my H-D 74); Off Road Breakout: Bikes and the Boom; Bultaco 360cc El Montadero; Yamaha 125cc AT-1 / 125cc AT-1 MX; Penton 125cc Enduro / 125cc Motocross; Kawasaki 238cc Green Streak Scrambler; Honda 350cc SL Road/Trail; Bultaco 100/125cc Lobito; CZ 360cc Motocross; Greeves 380cc Griffon; more

1970 Cycle Racing Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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