Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1961 Texans Shocked! Li'l Honda 50 routes Texas "Rattler"

Dallas, Texas Oct. 16th Earth Angeles, Texas Rattler Hare & Hound. How biggisit? inquired an aghast spectator as Honda mounted Don Graves 5th place champ stormed across the Texas Rattler Hare & Hound finish line...Half turning Graves drawled, "It's Honda's Super "Trail" Cub n' its 50cc's, and if'n I'd tuned it...I might'v done a mite better." Rated as the Southwest's most rugged, the "Texas Rattler" Hare & Hound had attracted 60 of the area's best...Over 60 miles of Mud, Rugged Hills n' woods overcame machine after machine...then reports from the backwoods filtered in..."it's still goin'n like heck, And it's gaining."...The Texans had seen their first Honda "Hunting" Cub...50cc's designed especially for the rough. Their first glimplse saw it win the 125cc class, and 5th overall and even to the Texans that's BIIGG!!

Honda "Trail" Cub 125cc Champ Don Graves (above) displays 1st place hardware, CB-92 2nd place 125cc winner Glenn Patton (right). Honda "Trail Cub" CA102T $275 p.o.e. add $10 east of Mississippi


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