Friday, July 13, 2012

1973 Yamaha 175 CT3 - It ain't skittery like a horse.

Paul Sakraida is a man who has more use for Yamaha bikes than he does for horses. Paul and his sons Jack and Mark, run a place up in The Rogue River Valley of Oregon. Paul says the Yamaha 175 has a horse beat three ways. "First of all, it isn't skittery. You see, when you're running neck-and-neck with a half-ton bull, you don't want to be riding something skittery. Not when you're riding over mud, ruts and irrigatiion ditches." The 175 is also quicker than a horse. "We had some cattle so wild we just wanted to ship them off. You think they could catch those things on horses? It was comical. Jack finally got the bikes out and the cattle in. It's when they break away from you that you need something quick on the pick-up." The Yamaha is cheaper than a horse. "A horse eats like a horse. That bike eats more like a bird."... 1973 Yamaha 175 CT3 - It ain't skittery like a horse 2-Page Ad available at

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