Monday, July 16, 2012

1971 Honda 750 Tune-Up

The Honda 750 Four is one of the most popular motorcycles ever manufactured. Its sales, worshippers (i.e. Four Owners Club) and even thefts echo the popularity of this exceptional road burner. The fact that a Japanese bike would gain acceptance with the Chopper crowd says a lot for the bikes' blatant sex appeal. Naturally, the bike has some faults but these are overlooked for the favorable aspects. This type of bike invites enthusiastic riding, but isn't quite suited as a good Cafe Racer. A trade-off was made between ultimate cornering and a plush ride. The one area where the 750 does fall short is in the tuning. Most riders complain that the 750 is difficult to tune; keep in tune and that it's too expensive to have it done professionally. In the course of our testing we've found that there are very few mechanics who really understand this bike...Actually the Four is just as simple as any twin except that more time is need to do the job right... Contents: Honda 750 Tune-Up; Kawasaki 350 Teardown; Timing the Montesa 125; Maico Electrics; Converting Army Shoes to Riding Boots; Chamfering Piston Rings; Diaphragm Carburetor Tricks; Fork Brace Lowdown; Yamaha Grand Opening; Motorcycle Salvage Yards; Beef up that front end; Keen-Serts; The easy way to install handlebar grips; more 1971 July Cycle Mechanics Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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