Friday, July 20, 2012

1971 Cycle Racing Magazine - A Guide to Motorcycle Sport by the editors of Cycle Magazine

Contents: Introduction - The Fantastic Variety; AMA: At the Center of the Action; Gene Romero, Number One - Hear his hammer ring!; J.N. Roberts deals with the world's largest motorcycle race; Bonneville breaks loose!; Racing in the South; The First is the Worst; Motocross Civil War - East vs. West; The Nationals - Nine months of punishment; Laconia 1970; Speedway Racing, Now!; The man who stood G.P. Racing right on its ear; Tightrope - roadracing a street bike for 24 hours; Rain and the International (sort of) Two Days Trial; Drag Racing's Best Year; Confessions of a Feckless Tuner; Competition Bikes you can buy; Road Tests: Montesa Trials; Ossa Flattracker; Bultaco 200 Sherpa; more 1971 Cycle Racing Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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