Thursday, July 12, 2012

1973 - A Triumph for the ISDT - is it possible?

Is it possible to make a competitive 1973 ISDT bike out of a 500 Triumph? They're trying it! ...Britain is firmly lodged between a rock and a hard spot. Abandoning the ISDT, and with it her long and glorious tradition, is unthinkable. But the plain truth of the matter is that she has nothing in the way of equipment on which to base a competitive ISDT attempt. What to do? In a move that fairly shrieks of quiet dsperation, Coventry assigned the job of building bikes suitable for an ISDT Trophy Team to the Triumph Corporation in the United States. No one connected with Triumph in this country has been involved in the ISDT since the pioneering efforts of Bud Ekins in 1967... 1973 A Triumph for the ISDT 4-Page Article available at

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