Thursday, July 12, 2012

1973 CZ motocross - New, for all the right reasons.

The CZ motocross is made for one purpose. To go faster and easier over rough terrain than any other bike. And to do it weekend after weekend, year-in and year-out. At CZ we don't make changes just to say we have a new model. So for 1973 we have made refinements that will help you go even faster. A 5-speed gear box for the 250. New, improved carburetor for all 3 bikes. A "sunburst" head for increased cooling for the 250 and 400. New Grand Prix tank and styling. And an engine that puts out enough "out-of-the-crate" horsepower to win every moto... CZ125 CZ250 CZ400 1973 CZ Motocross Ad available at

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