Friday, July 6, 2012

1966 Bultaco Sherpa S Scrambler

Sherpa S - the bike that first made a name for Bultaco in the U.S. The factory had designed the machine strictly for scrambling. It was light, rugged, and very, very fast. The riders discovered that they could win with the Sherpa S and the bike caught on like wildfire. The Sherpa S weighs less than 200 pounds, but the 125cc model blasts out at 19-20 dyno-tuned horsepower; the 175cc, 27-28 hp; and the 200cc, 29 hp. The Sherpa S goes! For 1966, the Sherpa S gets a new set of long-travel front forks fitted with a steering damper. These forks have 6 1/2" of travel; they're at home on any kind of track. There's a new two-gallon fiberglass tank...see your Bultaco dealer. 1966 Bultaco Sherpa S Scrambler Ad available at

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