Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1970 Maico 250 Motocrosser - Made for winning races

Cover Story: Maico 250 Motocrosser - Made for winning races - This month we climbed on the new five speed Maico 250cc race bike and immediately fell in love with it - it seems to do everything well. At first glance it's easy to tell the bike is made in Germany; it's strictly Teutonic in appearance. Everything has its place and everything is in its place...Features: BSA Road Runner - a close look at the Rocket Three; Fixing Fiberglass; Project Yamaha - a pumper carb for our little play toy; Swinging Arm Repair; Trailbike Transmission Teardown; Kawasaki 250 Sidewinder; Fesmatronic Ignition; The Velo Rose; Honda CB175; Do-it-yourself Jr. Greenstreak - make your trail Kawasaki into a racer; more 1970 August Popular Cycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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