Friday, July 6, 2012

1966 Gemini Twin by Moto Laverda

1966 Gemeni Twin travels first class and brings first class travel to you. the Gemini Twin marks a significant advancement in motorcycling performance and design. Developed by Moto Laverda, Italy's foremost aircraft manufacturer, the Gemini Twin is powered by a four-speed 200cc twin cylinder 4-stroke engine, rubber mounted to provide a smooth, quiet, easy handling ride, with over 100 miles per gallon at speeds up to 85 mph. Among the many highly desirable design features are its ultra-modern frame/chassis construction, unique telescopic front forks, and swinging-arm rear suspension with Ceriani shock absorbers. AND, the Gemini Twin is safe, it's the first luxury motorcycle to offer the superb braking power of double leading shoe brakes on front and rear wheels. Only $595 POE. Shown at top: Italian Line's Superliner Raffaello 1966 Gemini Twin by Moto Laverda Ad available at

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