Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Bikes of the 70s - Tests and Specs - Catalog of the decades best motorcycles

Published in 1981. Editorial: ...Rather than settle for less motorcycle than you really want, why not select a good used bike, and, if you need more performance, set it up with aftermarket gear so it will perform as well as the latest? That's the purpose of this book. We tell you what we think the good machines are, and suggest reasonable prices for them. We select a number to reprise in reprinted tests and a few more for special update attention. We also tell you how to care for your bike to make sure it always runs as well as it can, and offer some examples of what you can do to an old bike if you're willing to go all-out in performance and custom modifying. If you'd like to do that anyway, you'd be wasting your money to buy a new bike to metamorphose. Every motorcycle in this book is a good buy, even if you keep it stock. You won't find any bombs, like Yamaha's ill-fated TX750 twin, which wasn't right when the factory put it out...nor will you find any mention of those Eastern European slugs that occasionally turn up in the classifieds for unbelievably low prices. You'll only find the best bikes of the decade and the best information available on how they changed, how to fix them up and how to take care of them. If you already own one of these machines you'll discover a wealth of information on how to keep it forever young and faithful to you...

Road Tests: Yamaha RD400, Honda Hawk, Honda CB400F, Honda CB450, Suzuki T500, Honda CB550, Kawasaki KZ650, Triumph Bonneville, BMW R75, Kawasaki Mach IV, Suzuki GT750, Yamaha XS750, Honda CB750, Suzuki GS750, Norton Interstate, Moto Guzzi 850, Ducati 860, Kawasaki Z-1, Honda Gold Wing; Catalog; The decade's best buys; Updates: Yamaha XS650, Honda CB750, Kawasaki Z-1/KZ1000, Yamaha RD400, Triumph Bonneville, Norton Commando, BMW /5 and later, Harley-Davidson Sportster, Suzuki GS1000, Yamaha SR500 Hop-Up; Maintenance; Customs: The Silver Bullet; Kenny Roberts TT Replica; Pagan Special -a BSA Triple that once raced at Daytona; The Time Machine - who says the Old Honda 750 is out of date?; more

RD-400 CB400-F CB-400 CB-450 T-500 CB-550 KZ-650 R-75 R/75 GT-750 XS-750 CB-750 GS-750 Z1 XS-650 CB-750 KZ-1000 GS-1000 SR-500

Great Bikes of the 70s - Tests and Specs - Catalog of the decades best motorcycles available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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