Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1976 Harley-Davidson SX-250 - the rear wheel puts it at the front of its class

Just take a look at one part of the SX250 - the rear wheel. It's diffrent. Vastly superior. Because it features an International Six Days Trial rear hub for fast and easy wheel change. Imperative in racing and rallies. No other bike inb this price class has it. You'd have to pay hundreds of dollars more for a European import racing bike to match it.

Look again. There's a snail cam adjustment at each end of the hub to assure simple and accurate chain tensioning. And, it provides for precision rear wheel alignment, too.

More. The rear tire lug. Keeps wheel and tire together better than any other system yet devised for dirt riding.

Naturally, the SX-250 has 5-way adjustable rear shocks to meet load and road conditions...

The SX-250 is one helluva motorcycle. And can mean the difference between excitement and boredom in your life...

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