Thursday, January 19, 2012

1976 Kawasaki KX250 Miss Motocross - "Kissing Winners is really fun"

Kissing winners is really fun. That's why the nicest thing that's happened to me this whole year was when I was chosen to be Miss Motocross. I mean, I don't know a thing about motorcycles, or why anybody would want to get all muddy for a silly looking plastic trophy, but it's just really nice to go out on Sundays and give the winner his victory kiss. And so far I've kissed winners on Yamaha, Honda, a Suzuki winner -no, two Suzuki winners, a Husky winner (well, they all seem husky to me - ha,ha), but I never kissed a Kawasaki winner. Until last week. His name is Ronnie. I think it's the first time he's ever raced here. And he was a very nice person. He felt so good about winning, he kissed a little stronger than the others. But it was a nice strong. and he even apologized for getting me a little muddy. Anyway, after the award ceremony, Ronnie introduced me to his motorcycle, a KX250. And he talked all about its lay-down gas shocks, alloy piston-port engine, electro-something-or-other, five speed transmission, long travel suspension - I didn't understand a word he said, except full knobbies, but he was so...well, enthusiastic, I just nodded and smiled alot, and I smiled alot when he was driving me home in his van. I hope Ronnie wins again next time. But even if he doesn't, it'll be okay, 'cause I can still make him feel good. Kawasaki lets the good times roll.

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