Thursday, January 26, 2012

1978 Honda CBX1000 - The Seethng Six

Cover Photo: Honda's awesome CBX1000 Six with its 24 valves, factory-rated 103 horsepower and six carburetors bristles with innovative design. Does it signal the begining of an incredible era beyond all known superbikes or the end of what is now the superbike era and a return to basics for the 1980s? Discipline among the Japanese factories and sales success will determine which.

Road Tests: Honda CR250R, Honda CBX1000 Six, Suzuki RM80 vs. Yamaha YZ80, Kawasaki KZ650SR; Features: Road Racing the Morbidelli 125; Yamaha SR500 Hop-Up; Asama; Grease -the forgotten lubricant; Charles Curnutt - a look at the man whose shocks are legendary; Maico - a lot of what you take for granted started here; Houston TT and shorttrack; Kingdome supercross; Steve Eklund Profile; ATCO Drag Racing Schedule; more

CR250-R CR-250 CBX-1000 RM-80 YZ-80 KX650-SR KX-650 SR-500

1978 May Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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