Saturday, January 14, 2012

1966 The Joy of Riding an Enduro - Eugene Esposito moves through swamp

Cover: This is only a part of the joy of riding an enduro. The 125 mile national enduro champ Eugene Esposito moves through this difficult swamp with amazing speed. Luckily when he arrived at this section there was no traffic build-up to impede his quick progress. Yet, it's still possible for a guy to get hung up in this mire.

Contents: Popular and Typical Girl Rider Contestants; Crotona Midnight Run 50th Anniversary; Tour Award 1966; Life Membership in the AMA; Cycle Go 'Round; Eugene Esposito repeats in 125 Enduro; John Young Tops in rugged 150-Mile Enduro; Cal Rayborn scores in Carlsbad National; Sacramento 20-Mile to Fred Nix; Pennsylvania Dutch Classic; Tanner in again for 8-Mile Win; Queen City Classic; more

1966 December American Motorcycling Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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