Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1968 Road Test's Quarterly Triumph Sport Cycle Magazine

A bicycle company located in England and owned and operated by two Germans hardly seems like a sound basis for a motorcycle manufacturing firm that was to have a proifound effect on the highly competitive, performance oriented motorcycle industry. But this is essentially what Triumph Engineering Co., Ltd. looked like when it began, although it wasn't to acquire its present name until the mid '30's.

Triumph's founder, Seigfried Bettmann, did a bang up job of making bicycles, beginning in 1885, and a couple of years later he enlisted the services of a young fellow countryman, an engineer by the name of M.J. Shulte, who had better things in mind than leg power...

Rare magazine - Riding the Wild Triumphs! Full road tests, specifications, data & more!

Contents: 65 Years of Experience; Road Tests: T120R Bonneville, TR6R Trophy Sports, T100R Daytona Super Sports, TR6C Trophy Special, T100C Tiger Competition, TR25W Trophy 250; Motorcycle Husbandry - improving the breed; Triumphs of Individuality; Gary Nixon - the man to beat; Daytona - the greatest test; Build 'em strong, ride 'em hard; How good is a guarantee?; Your neighborly Triumph dealer; Triumph specification; more

T120-R T-120 T100-R T-100 TR25

1968 Summer Road Test's Sport Cycle Triumph Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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