Saturday, September 3, 2011

1969 Bonanza Mini-Bike ad with Gary Nixon

Announcing Bonanza's 1969 Line. "The first minibike I've ridden that really feels like a motorcycle" - Gary Nixon, 1968 AMA National Champion

What did we do to merit praise like that for the BC1500SH - top of our '69 line? Took advice. From experts like Gary. The said, "Why don't you put more rake and trail in the front end?" So we did. Then we made the tires round in profile, rather than flat. And increased front end suspension travel, and put double-rate springs on the rear to prevent bottoming. We added adjustable, motorcycle type handlebars and a front mount saddle gas tank with built-in fuel gauge (how many big motorcycles have that?) Combine all these and you have much more than a mini-bike; you have a compact motorcycle with a much better ride on the rough stuff and on the road. Let's not forget that "big bike" power! The five-speed 100cc Hodaka engine accelerates this lightweight from 0 to 50 faster than some 650's that cost $1000.00 more. Gary liked that very much. It takes a lot of mini to please a motorcycle champion. That's why some features of our BC1500SH are now being built into the rest of our line. So you can hardly call them minibikes anymore.

BC1500-SH BC-1500

1969 Bonanza Mini-Bike with Gary Nixon Ad available at

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