Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1962 BSA Motorcycles - Super Rocket, Royal Star, Sportsman

A BSA for every road rider! BSA Super Rocket 650cc Sport Twin - high performance sport-twin with new quick-getaway gearing for all the speed you'll ever need...new brilliant appearance too, with bright metallic enamels, more snap and sparkle, best looking motorcycle you've ever seen!; BSA Royal Stars - brand new, all-new are these spectacular unit-construction twins. Here are powerful, capable road cruisers in both 650 and 500cc capacities -designed for relaxed, comfortable motorcycling, built to stay in the traffic-flow on American highways. Royal Star 650 finished in Brilliant Metallic Red and chrome. Royal Star 500 finished in Bright Metallic Blue and chrome. BSA Sportsman SS-90, 90 mph lightweight - light, powerful, good looking 350cc in new Metallic Blue and chrome - a brand new super-sport single by BSA. Features include high compression piston, competition cams, large bore carburetor, sport type chrome fenders...Ask your BSA Dealer!

1962 BSA Motorcycles - Super Rocket, Royal Star, Sportsman Ad available at www.DadsVintageAds.com

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