Friday, September 16, 2011

1968 BSA Thunderbolt - how to tame 49 wild horses

Easy. Saddle up a Thunderbolt BSA! You'll find out fast who's master when you put the spurs to 654 cc's of powerhouse. In seconds you're charging at 100 mph - and then some. Change your mind, and Thunderbolt's big brakes rein things back to zero in a hurry! BSA breeding shows upall along the line. In the slim, sleek profile - from chrome sports fenders to racing type dual seat. In faultless engineering. In a host of details like the six plate multiple disc clutch, twin down swept pipes, Dunlop K-70s front and back, total performance cam. So why horse around with lesser breeds. Go thoroughbred...with Thunderbolt....Move into the bold world of BSA.

1968 BSA Thunderbolt - how to tame 49 wild horses Ad available at

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