Saturday, September 3, 2011

1969 BMW breaks coast-to-coast record. 45 hours, 41 minutes!

BMW has done it again. On August 28-29, 1968, Tibor Sarossy, 22 year-old Ohio State student, rode a BMW R69/S from New York to Los Angeles to break the 1959 coast-to-coast record of John Penton, also on BMW, by fully 6 1/2 hours. 2687 grueling miles on all kinds of road. In all kinds of weather. Over cold mountains and through the hottest of deserts. And Sarossy's BMW had already traveled 22,000 miles before starting this punishing test. Traveling 100 mph on open highways or 30 mph on rain-flodded roads in Texas and New Mexico, the BMW never stalled or missed a single stroke. And after more than 45 hours of a practically no-stopride, it ran as quietly and smothly as ever. Said Sarossy, "The virtually vibration-free ride assured me maximum comfort and reliable performance." Back home in Cleveland, after a total of 5460 miles, a service check revealed that no repairs were needed. Not even a lightbulb had burned out. That's a BMW motorcycle for you. Remarkable!

R69S R69-S R-69

1969 BMW R69/S breaks coast-to-coast record. 45 hours, 41 minutes! Ad available at

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