Sunday, September 18, 2011

1974 BMW R75/6 Road Test - The affordable Super Tourer

Some people feel that BMW stands for Best Motorcycle in the World. They may have a point there.

Road Tests: BMW R75/6, Hodaka 125 Combat Wombat, Honda MT125 Elsinore; Features: The Elsinore Revisited - just where does the CR250 fit in a year after all the hullabaloo?; Competition: English Match Races; Parker Dam 400; Technical: Qualicraft tools; Saga of the Super Sleeper part 1 - hopping up the Kawasaki Z1 in 2 easy lessons; Yamaha 250MX - how to move the shocks forward, fix the forks, and gas it over the whoopdies; Lake Carburetor; more

R75-6 R-75 MT-125 CR-250 Z-1 250-MX

1974 August Cycle Rider Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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