Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1989 XRV-1200 - The Sportster that Harley should build

Cover: XRV1200 - The Sportster that Harley should build. There are people who remember the original glory days of the Sportster, when it was the meanest thing on two wheels, and you only lined up against one at great risk to your pride and pink slip. Two such men are Arnie Freeman and Roger Kallins, who put together a company called XRV Performance Products...; Ogre Ultra 510 - the Thumper that Honda should build.

Road Test: Kawasaki KDX200; Long-Term test: Kawasaki KDX125; Features: Ogre Ultra 510; Riding the Ones - Bubba Shobert's Honda VFR750; Riding the Ones - Dale Quarterley's Ducati 851; XRV1200 - The Sportster that Harley should build - XRV - The hottest hot-rod Harley; The Four - the birth of a legend; The Four - Riding the legend; The Politz Collection; Motocross Des Nations; more

XRV-1200 KDX-200 KDX-125 VFR-750

1989 January Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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