Monday, September 19, 2011

1968 Triumph - The Ultimate in Motorcycling

Triumph presents the Action Line for '68. It's here. The swingingest, scorchingest group of motorcycles ever assembled under one roof. Triumph for 1968. Unbeatable...and definitely available at your Triumph dealer's! New excitement. New Power. The ultimate experience on two wheels. So put away your old ideas about what a motorcycle is made to do. And reach for the big ride for '68 on Triumph's new Action Line.

Shown in ad: TR6C Trophy Special, T100R Daytona Super Sports, T120R Bonneville, T100C Tiger Competition, TR6R Trophy Sports, TR25W Trophy 250

TR6-C TR-6 T100-R T-100 T120-R T-120 TR25-W TR-25

1968 Triumph - The Ultimate in Motorcycling 4-Page Ad available at

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