Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1972 Benelli Tornado 650-S Road Test / Specs - an original from the country that specializes in them

Road Tests: Benelli Tornado 650-S, Puch 125 5-Speed; Impressions: Motorcycle Transport - The Datsun and Toyota Mini-Trucks, Honda CB350K3; Special Feature: Fight those traffic tickets part 1; Technical: All About Chains; The Arm-chair rider's formula sampler - handy math for rider, racer, mechanic, or just talking strongly; Competition: Yamaha Gold Cup National; Laguna Seca - The Rider's Course; Features: The Schatzi Porsche Special; GRB Velocette; Kawasaki R&D in Action; Two Trick Honda XL250s; Yankee's new racing single; The Haaglund Prototype - design novelty on an all-terrain military machine; more

650S CB350-K3 CB-350 XL250 XL-250

1972 November Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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