Friday, September 16, 2011

1973 Custom BMW? You don't see many of these.

Cover: Jack Duffy's Custom BMW. It's not every day you see a custom BMW. And it's not every day you see any kind of machine with the detail of this jewel; Special Features: In quest of the world's oldest living light bulb - one more touring record for BMW; Harley-Davidson for 1973; Triumph/BSA preview for the new year; Road Test: Honda 450/500 Shootout - is 7 seconds worth $350?; Feature Bikes: Duffy's Custom BMW; John Miehle's -student body president builds a riding Knucklehead; A racer builds a chopper - Mike Huggins; Ontario 250 Pictorial; Technical: Stage Tuning the Big Honda 750 part 1; Spark Plug cross reference chart; Big Bike goes shopping for a used bike; more

1973 January Big Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue available at

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